Magic Of Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the yummy, tasty delight foods which are loved by everyone. Under the name of ‘mushrooms’, ‘shrooms’, you will find different types, each with its own characteristics. Magic Mushrooms or shrooms have been used for centuries and have great uses.

Magic mushrooms commonly referred to as the psilocybe spores and are really well known for its unpredictable effects on individuals. These are the cultivated wild mushrooms, containing the psychoactive substances, and famous for its hallucinogenic properties. Usually, such mushrooms are dried and people consume these mushrooms by mixing into food or drink. Its effects on one are extremely unpredictable just like the other psychoactive substances.

As magic mushrooms are consumed by someone, they are broken down to produce a substance ‘psylocin’, that is responsible for producing hallucinogenic effects. Nowadays, these magic mushrooms are appealing to the youth, because of its same hallucinogenic effects and young people consume it in the form of drugs especially. Considering some of its major effects, these mushrooms are made illegal in many countries. Despite this fact, these mushrooms are considered as a sacred herb used to attain some spiritual state. And the same effect of such mushrooms, make them illegal and dangerous as well.

Besides, some of its negatives, the recent research on magic mushrooms has shown that it can produce a great positive effect on the physical and mental attitude. When consumed in an appropriate dosage, they result in a good mood, behavior, improved positive attitude of an individual that lasts for a year almost. The main thing that can affect badly is its higher dosages. These can be a cause for the loss of appetite when a typical dose is being consumed. Higher dosages also cause nausea, swollen features, severe coldness, pupil dilation.

Along with the above physical effects, these mushrooms are well-known for producing some of the profound mental effects. In usual cases, they produce a feeling of relaxation, surfaces seem to ripple, shimmer etc. Also results in the increased auditory level of music. Some of the emotional impact of its consumption includes the feelings of sadness, anxiety, fear, bliss, wonder. Really, these magic mushrooms sound much magical, accompanied with such hallucinating effects producing on someone.